Welcome to the Phase Online Application

Information and Software You Must Pre-install to Use This Application

A Subscription to the Phase Online Product - Without a subscription the only accessible part of the site is searching through the diagrams to see what is available. Downloading the commentary and diagrams are disabled for non-subscription based users. If you do not have an account you can purchase a subscription to the service at The American Ceramic Society Website.

Latest Version of Java - Please note that use of the PED Application (NIST SRD31/ACerS PHASE) requires installation of Java SE version 8. You can download the latest version at https://java.com/en/download. SRD31/PHASE will not operate with any other Java version such as OpenJDK or versions 9 or higher. Please also note that beginning with Java 8 update 211, Oracle enacted the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) License Agreement for Java SE. The new license continues to permit certain uses at no cost (e.g. personal gaming). Other uses, including this application, now require the OTN License and a Java SE Subscription. Consult with your computer/software manager about your organization's JAVA license status.

Phase Equilibria Diagram Viewer - This is a Java application that will enable you to view the Phase Equilibria Diagrams present on the site. Once you click the link for the PED Viewer, you will download a file called ped_viewer_setup.jnlp. Click this file in your browser window or find it in your downloads folder and select it to open it. You will be asked to give Java permission to install the viewer. Select the Yes option and the viewer will be installed using your version of Java. If the PED Viewer was successfully installed, you will see a message stating that it was installed.

PDF Viewer - To open PED Figures you will need an application for viewing PDF files such as Adobe Reader or Foxit PDF Reader.

Recommended browser - in our experience Google Chrome has been the most reliable and provides the best user experience followed by Firefox.

If further assistance is needed, please contact us at:
E-mail: phase3@ceramics.org
Phone: 1-866-721-3322 or 240-646-7054

After installing all the necessary software, proceed to the main page of the application by clicking the Start Searching button.

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